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The Latest Rant on Social Networking – the Past

The great thing about having a website is that you can use it to get things off your chest. Something in your profession really annoyed you? Something you need to make known to your piers? … or just the wider population?

Well, this section of our website is for our staff to get their thoughts across to the wider community. The RANTS are only for our logged in Users, so you will need to enter your Username / Password combination to check out our rants. For those people, we have also included some of the XPOR tools, such as Polls, Forums and RSS feeds.

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Anyway you would be surprised that quite a while ago I had actually created a blog post about whether social networks were a valuable thing to have – or if they would grow in the future.

It was only four years into Facebook‘s growth and back then I thought it would be a fad – the amount of private data people would share seemed significant – and keep in mind at that time sites like MySpace and Friendster were on the way down – there was simply nothing there for them.

These websites were generating a ton of traffic but they also fell after a certain period of time – to be eventually be worth nothing – or very little compared to their highest valuations. While Justin Timberlake has recently been repping MySpace everyone knows that the user base of that site is now at very low numbers.

As I look back on many of these things that I have said I thought it would interesting to see how technology has changed and so because of that I am in the process of creating a studio using soundproofing solutions from the website below:

Soon I will be sharing my views and how they have evolved with you – I look forward to connecting!